Everywhere you go, you see people on their cell phones.  For some of us, our cell phones are more valuable than we think.  Well I know mine is because pictures are my life and I take way too many iPhone pictures.  :)   Which brings me to my “vacation story”.

About two weeks ago my family and I went to Virginia Beach, Virginia for vacation.  While on vacation I decided to download all my iPhone pictures onto my laptop for no reason whatsoever. I just wanted to start fresh I guess.  And let me say that I have never done this before and I’ve had my phone for almost two years.  I had over one thousand images on my phone.  Our week in Virginia Beach came and gone and we then headed to Connecticut for the rest of our vacation.  Our second day in Connecticut we went to a family pool party.  My girls geared up in their swim attire and headed to the pool.  Jilliann had no problem getting into the water, my youngest, Arianna decided to just play with the pool toys on the deck.  I watched the girls play and swim for a couple hours until they decided to get dressed and have some dinner.  I wrapped them in their towels and then put their dry clothes on.  After they filled their little bellies with some dinner, Arianna decided to just play with the pools toys on the deck again.  Although I was only two feet away from her while she was playing, I was prepared to…..let’s say jump into the pool if the circumstances were to arise.  And well, you can probably guess it — Arianna fell right into the pool and within in seconds I flew off my chair, jumped into the pool and swooped her little body up.  As we climbed out of the pool her big brown eyes looked right at me and said, “mommy, you saved my life”.  Right after she said those words someone asked if I had my phone in my pocket.  And sure enough.  I DID!  Although the look of devastation was all over my face of possibly losing my phone,  it was beyond worth it because in my daughter’s eyes I was her hero.

Although the thought of losing everything in my phone makes my eyes twitch and my heart beat faster, I quickly came to realize that I had just downloaded over one thousand images to my computer.  Right then my heart didn’t beat as fast and eyes seemed to slowly stop twitching.

After my phone took a quick swim, I did the famous thing that I’m sure everyone else has done when their phone was submerged in water — RICE.  I placed my phone in rice and is now just keeping my fingers crossed.  It’s been 24 hours and no luck yet, but I’m staying hopeful.  I used to think “how would I ever survive without my phone”, but it’s actually not too bad.  I find that myself reading more, actually having conversations in the car with my husband instead of my face planted into my phone and I’m not concerned every five minutes if someone called, text, emailed me or liked my picture via Facebook.  Life actually isn’t so bad without my iPhone.  But it’s just temporary!  ;)



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Going on vacation seems to always put things into another perspective for me.  Mostly about life, my career and family.   For those who know me well, know I am always on a time schedule.  Every hour of my days are accounted for and I do my best to maintain a strict schedule.  Just ask my children.  ;)

This vacation has allowed me to be the complete opposite.  I’ve been sleeping in, having coffee for hours with a friend while catching up on life, endless hours at the beach with my toes in the sand, eating at the oddest hours of the day and consuming way too many fruity frozen alcoholic beverages all while never worrying what time of the day it is.  Let’s be real….it feels pretty amazing.  And I don’t want it to end.

Sometimes life feels like a rubik’s cube of emotion, but I have been so grateful to enjoy my family, my sweet friends, my ahhhhhdorable children, fruity frozen beverages, the beach and the salty air.  And while enjoying all of those, life doesn’t feel so much like a rubik’s cube of emotions.



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Home of the University of Notre Dame and some of the most beautiful and perfect locations for photo opportunities.  I was super excited to experience just a little piece of South Bend, Indiana this last weekend for a maternity session.  Loved this city and I hope I get the opportunity to photograph there again…..and again.

Here’s just a peek from my maternity session.  Happy Monday!


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