Sometimes life is an escape.  During that escape, I’ve learned how important it is to take the time to do nothing.  I promise you, it really puts things into perspective.  Friends, family and I have escaped for the week and I’m learning to really enjoy the small things in life — the sunrises and the sunsets, sunscreen, laughter, friends, good food, freckles, the sound of kids splashing in the pool, and beautiful sun-kissed skin.

It’s been a while since I’ve unplugged and truly enjoyed the everyday moments that don’t consist of emails, bookkeeping, editing, laundry or vacuuming.

This vacation all I’m focused on is good times and tan lines!


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Fort Wayne, Indiana Boudoir Photographer :: MY QUIRKS ABOUT BEING ME

These last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about all the weird things I do or just that I’m weird in general.  No seriously.  I do some weird things that I have no explanation as to why I do it.   So I thought what better way to document my quirks than to do it in a blog post.  So here we go!

My Quirks:
1. Every time I put the key into my studio door, I say in my mind “righty open, lefty lock”.   And this is every time.  I’m just weird because righty doesn’t even rhyme with open.
2. I start my car, put it in reverse, then put my seatbelt on.  Every single time.
3. I have to wash my hands before I brush my teeth at night.  This is a given.
4.  I have to sleep with my bedroom door open.
5.  I bite the inside of my lip when I’m nervous. Which is often.
6.  I refuse to sleep with a sheet.  I just need a big comfy blanket.
7.  When I leave my house in the morning, I push the lock, look in my purse to make sure I have my keys, then close the door.  Every damn morning.
8.  I’ve created a habit in the shower — first I shampoo my hair, then wash my face, condition my hair and then wash from head to toe.  I don’t think I could ever break this habit.  So weird.
9. I have to have all my bills auto pay or else my bills would never get paid.
10. 90% of the time I drive the speed limit.
11. I have this paralyzing fear of anyone around me dying. I don’t even like to talk about it.
12. I’m not as tough/strong as I seem.
13. I have this fear every time I go on an escalator with my youngest daughter that her little clothing or shoes are going to get stuck on there.  Worst feeling ever!
14. I am shy… are like yeah right, but sometimes I can be really shy and nervous until I feel comfortable with my environment then I am just me.
15. I’m kind of obsessed with Amazon. 😉  I know this is an obsession and not a quirk.
16. The city I live in, it’s an absolute must that I find every Thai restaurant and try them.  Once I’ve tried them all, I move to the outer city.
17. I can’t have tags on my throw pillows.  Tags drive me crazy.
18. I get ridiculously excited when I hear 80’s music.  That’s my jam!
20. I’m always freezing.  Even when it’s warm, I feel cold.
21. I crack my right thumb at least 100 times a day.

*Photo credit : Jay Coates


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Dear Past & Future Clients,

I’m excited to announce our amazing referral program for our beautiful clients.  If you refer a client to my studio and they book a session with us, you will get $25 Boudoir Bucks.  You can use your Boudoir Bucks toward prints or products, or you can save your Boudoir Bucks for a FREE Boudoir Session.  That’s right, I said FREE!  You and I both know that you would love some more beautiful and intimate portraits of you.  Plus, we get to work together again — holla!  :)

If you’re reading this and haven’t ever experienced a fun and sexy boudoir session, you’re truly missing out.  These sessions are fun and empowering and make for some super awesome fabulous gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, a gift for your partner on your wedding day.  But let me be honest, this is truly the best gift you can give YOURSELF.

Book a session today and share your experience with your friends and start earning Boudoir Bucks towards future gifts.


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