Perhaps I’m biased.  Or perhaps because I’m her mother is the reasoning behind this amazing love I have for my Arianna.  Although being almost 18 months old is exhausting on the parent side, it’s seriously a very enjoyable age.  Her personality is like a firecracker. 

I love our conversations we have even though neither one of us knows what we’re talking about.  I love how she only picks out the marshmallows from her bowls of Lucky Charms even though I wish she would eat the other ones.  Her way of demanding things has a way of cuteness.  Yes, her demanding things can actually be pretty cute! And maybe I envy her dance moves to the Fresh Beat Band.

I love her because of everything she says and does. :)

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Jess - July 12, 2011 - 7:33 am

what an absolute doll and her eyes are amazingly beautiful.