I often take for granted this beautiful island I currently live on.  No, really.  I do.  I’ve found myself blaming God for putting me on an island with no Target.  Seriously, people.  What am I teaching my children? I complain when a I see an advertisement on t.v. for a new product that just came out, I but it’s going to take almost 6 months to get here.  It drives me nuts.  I tell my husband almost every time we go to the grocery store how I can’t wait until we’re back in America and I find a grocery store with an olive bar and every imported cheese and wine known to man.  And to be honest, I’m so ashamed I feel this way or say these things,  yet I’m so grateful that I can actually admit this.  And to the world for that matter.

A few weeks ago my mother has come to visit and while having her here, it’s really made me appreciate this amazing island of Guam.  I seem to find myself always wanting what I can’t have instead of just living in the moment and appreciating where God has put me or what God has given me.   LIVE IT.  LOVE IT.  APPRECIATE IT.  All while just living in the moment.  :) Oh lord, did that just sound like Tony Robbins?

So with this post, I vow to live in the moment.  Accept the joy and the beauty that I’m currently living in.  Because one day, I’ll wish I didn’t have a Target and instead relaxing on an island with my family all while soaking in the sun.

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lindsey - May 4, 2012 - 7:08 am

I agree. I forget what a privilege it is just to get the chance to live in such a beautiful place! There are so many people who havent even see an actual beach or left the US. I need to remind myself this more often!

erin j - May 3, 2012 - 10:29 pm

yes…i go through phases…want to stay here forever – and can’t wait to get to the real world!…it’s a weekly thing! 😉