I sat on the swing as I watch my girls burn some energy at the park.  I took a deep breath in and let it out.  I reminded myself to relax.  To take that moment in.  That moment of peace.  It’s been only five days since my husband has left on business, but after only a short forty-eight hours – I was exhausted.

Someone has decided to hand over the crown to my sweet, but sassy one year old.  She’s the ruler now and I on the other hand pretty much has no say in anything she does or wants to do.  How did this happen? (please no hate mail) :)  I chase her through grocery stores.  I listen to her scream every time I don’t let her have her way, which let me remind you does not happen very often.  Yup, she pretty much gets her way 99% of time.  Even after she has pulled every single roll of toilet paper out of the basket and shred all of them into pieces, she can look at me with those amazing brown eyes and I’m convinced she’s not the guilty one.  I found the house phone in the bathtub which still had bath water in it.  I yelled for Arianna as I walked down the hall, and as she looked at my with those big brown eyes I just asked her politely to not throw anymore phones in the bathtub that still has water in it.  She laughed because she thinks I’m funny.

Life while daddy is away, is crazy to say the least.  I put all my energy into tending my children.  And although I’m exhausted and I even consider drinking wine instead of coffee in the morning – I’m lucky.  Lucky to be a mom and lucky to spend all day with my one year old and watch grow and cherish beautiful moments.  I don’t want to miss anything and therefore,  I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Life is crazy when daddy is away, but I believe a litte ice cream seems to make a happy ending to an exhausting day. :)

Happy Saturday!

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Jenni Block - May 11, 2011 - 10:13 am

You got me eyes all teary over here… I want to be able to hang out with you when Leo is away… :(

Christina - April 24, 2011 - 5:59 am

That icecream looks yummy. You’re a great mom with beautiful girls and they are so lucky to have you and I just loved this blog post.